Causes of problems in the use of automotive connectors

The car connector is like a bridge in the car, allowing the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit to flow. There are various types of automotive connectors, but the basic ones consist of contacts, housings (depending on the variety), insulators, and accessories. With the development of the automobile industry, various functions on the automobile are gradually becoming more and more intelligent. However, the structural design, appearance design and materials of automobile connectors have also been further improved. However, the automotive connectors will still malfunction due to various reasons during use, which will affect the normal use of the connectors.

Possible reasons for these failures are:

1. The material problem of the connector, the contact material of some connectors is inferior in price, and we did not pay more attention when we purchased it, which led to some problems in use;

2. The current and voltage of the circuit are unstable, which will also affect the normal use of the connector;

3. The quality of connectors, high-quality connectors can adapt to various complex environments; the heat resistance can be maintained at -40~120°C, the insertion force of the connector is below 20.5kg, and the retention force of the connector is above 2.5kg.

Post time: Dec-02-2022