New trend of fuel vehicles in China in 2023

With the rapid development of science and technology and people’s increasing concern for environmental protection, the fuel vehicle industry must face new challenges and opportunities. Today, with the continuous promotion of green travel, fuel vehicles still occupy a certain share of the Chinese auto market. For suppliers of fuel vehicle industry, it is very important to understand and grasp the future development trend of fuel vehicles. Automotive connectors, automotive terminals and automotive wiring harnesses are indispensable components in the fuel vehicle industry, and will play a more important role in the future development process. Therefore, in order to help suppliers understand the new trend of China’s fuel vehicles in 2023, this article will elaborate on three aspects: automotive connectors, automotive terminals, and automotive wiring harnesses. 1. Automobile connectors With the technology of the fuel vehicle industry changing with each passing day, the connectors of automobiles are also constantly changing and upgrading. The use of traditional connectors, such as circular potentiometers and ordinary high-temperature-resistant connectors, cannot meet the complex and functional requirements of on-board electronic equipment. With advanced technology, materials and technology, the principle design and process manufacturing of modern automotive connectors have far surpassed traditional connectors. Future automotive connectors will be upgraded in terms of connector material, plug design, plug seal and resistance. The new generation of connector materials can withstand higher temperature and pressure, and is more suitable for the use of various on-board systems of modern fuel vehicles. The optimization of plug sealing and resistance will also better protect the normal operation of the automotive system. 2. As an essential equipment for automobile wiring, automobile terminals are often overlooked, but they are responsible for the important role of transmitting electric energy. The development of future automotive terminals is mainly focused on time. Smart terminals will soon lead the production and development direction of automobile manufacturers and vehicle electronic system manufacturers. The upgrade of automotive terminals will improve the efficiency and reliability of fuel vehicles. The future design direction of automotive terminals will focus on plug-in integration, automatic installation, power distribution and waterproof sealing. The plug-and-insert integrated design of the new generation of automotive terminals can avoid problems such as poor contact or short circuit caused by poor connection. At the same time, automatic installation and power distribution can effectively improve the production efficiency of car manufacturers, and waterproof sealing can also extend the service life of car terminals. 3. Automotive wiring harness Automotive wiring harness refers to the assembly of various wires, cables and electrical components inside the vehicle, which promotes the movement of the vehicle and the operation of the equipment in the vehicle. The future development of automotive wiring harnesses will focus on effectively reducing energy loss, improving wiring harness efficiency, improving signal quality, and further improving anti-interference capabilities. The main design direction of future automotive wiring harnesses is to reduce the size of the wiring harness and improve the firmness of the wiring harness. The miniaturized wiring harness structure design can reduce weight and fuel consumption, thereby improving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. At the same time, increasing the firmness of the wiring harness can maintain good signal quality in the car and improve the anti-interference ability, which will also be a very important trend in the future fuel vehicle industry. In general, with the new development trend of the fuel vehicle industry, the demand for automotive connectors, automotive terminals and automotive wiring harnesses will continue to increase in the future. Suppliers can invest time and effort from now on to gain a deep understanding of market needs and future development trends, enrich their product lines, improve product quality and reliability, and better meet the needs of customers and the market.

Post time: Mar-13-2023